Make a Mobile App with Big Gray Matter

World-class mobile and web development in Atlanta, GA: Big Gray Matter.

In 2018, the industry moving beyond a business’ need for an online presence. It’s just not enough. Now, consumers are simply more inclined to tap the app than battle their preferred browser to access their favorite companies and products. A mobile app is a clean, quick, and focused point that exists behind a single tap. It’s so easy, and users use them.

Whether supporting an existing business, starting one, inventing the next great social network, or preparing to dominated the world’s free time with a new game, an iOS app and an Android app are the ideal path to meet the consumer.

Clean, Quick, and Focused

Building the next great app, or maintaining an existing fantastic mobile app, is an immeasurably important process. The iOS developer and Android developer are responsible for translating the ideas and turning them into a perfect and beautiful reality. Compromising, budgeting, and financial care is plays a major role, and it should be done with the guidance of a top mobile developer, a trusted mobile developer, and ideally, a holistic mobile developer.

Big Gray Matter - a USA based mobile development team is based just east of Atlanta, Georgia. Aside from being trusted and crazy skilled at iOS and Android development, we care about the success of our clients. There is a unique pride in our code, mobile designs, 1.0 versions, and the ascension of our clients' products.

Because every project that we take means so much to us, we are wild for show-and-tell!

Big Gray Matter is a different type of mobile development team in that we love to share builds during the development process. Getting an incomplete, but real, build in the hands of our clients regularly through development makes me us happy, as we get to show off how cool the product is and will be very soon.

Our clients know where we stand through the entire development process. This is great for a couple of reasons. First, expectations are sure to be met. Second, we can be receptive to new ideas that might arise. Our flexible, agile development cycle is completely transparent - ready for input, ideas, and changes. After all, the original great idea is not going to be the last.

Clarity, Agility, Absolute Quality, and Local

We live for bringing brilliant ideas to life. We can’t wait for you to see your creation. We are local and immediately accessible - Atlanta. We are top iOS and Android developers and marketers. We love our work.